We've got you covered. Anonymisation made simple.


About us

NAIX automatically anonymises or pseudonymises selected entities in documents.

Created based on practical and real-world language models, our anonymisation tool is adaptable to your project needs. With only three simple steps, you have an anonymised document that is brings you one step closer to GDPR/DSGVO compliance.

More about us

Comparison before and after anonymisation
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Anonymisation in three steps

What sets us apart

  • Intuitive and responsive design
  • Flexibility with file formats including: PDFs, .doc, .jpeg, .png, tiff, etc.
  • Project Management options save preferences for future use
  • Wide range of anonymisation entities
    1. Company names
    2. First and last names
    3. Certificate numbers
    4. IDs (e.g. passport, credit cards etc.)
    5. Dates
    6. Locations
    7. Monetary sums
    8. Phone numbers
    9. Email addresses
    10. URLs
    11. Logos
    12. Signatures
    13. Seals
  • More than just anonymisation

    Our team is flexible regarding customised features and works to meet your needs.