Hello, World.

We are NAIX Technology. We are a team of linguistic and tech enthusiasts dedicated to putting AI [artificial intelligence] business solutions in the hands of the users. We want to take the pain out of repetitive and tedious business tasks.


Our team has expanded quite a lot since NAIX’s inception. We now are a group of linguistic analysts, data scientists, and developers bringing a variety of skills and backgrounds to the table.


Our growth and progress have brought about exciting internal changes and with these, we have realized that we are ready to take the next step: encouraging, fostering, and leading conversations about AI and NLP [natural language processing] as well as their components, how these systems work, and much more. We believe that everyone, from industry experts, to users of our products, to anyone slightly curious, has something to offer and learn from engaging in discussion of these topics.


We look forward to sharing our knowledge: explaining what AI is not only mathematically and theoretically but also practically, diving into deeper details and nuances of the field, but doing all of this in an accessible way. We also look forward to having discussion with and learning from our readers, clients, and partners.


What are some topics and things you are curious about when it comes to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing?