We bring new, safe technologies into the legal world.

We take security and privacy very seriously.

In order to offer the greatest possible security, we have our software tested and certified by various bodies. We also use tools to check for vulnerabilities and have developed internal workflows to prevent errors.



Blackduck Software has been implemented in order to monitor potential OSS security vulnerabilities, competent quality risks, and licensing compliances.
Every modern software uses OpenSource (OSS) tools. BlackDuck makes it possible to monitor security risks in OSS, so we can detect and fix errors early before they occur.
In addition, the tool allows us to manage our OSS licenses and detect incompliances in them, so the licenses we grant to our customers are also "clean" in the backend.

Reports are available upon request.




Our solutions are hosted on-premise, on our customers' servers. Nevertheless, the software operates with sensitive data. It is therefore crucial that our software has no weak points to both external and internal attacks. That's why we have our tools regularly put to the test by professional hackers ("PenTesters"). The PenTest report from OneConsult AG certifies that we comply with the highest security standards and have passed the test.

Approval certificate is available upon request.




We are not in conflict with any patents, as verified by a patent law firm. Further information available upon request.



4. BAFA Invest Zuschuss

Our ability to innovate has been certified by the Federal Government. We are supported by the "Grant Venture Capital", an initiative to promote young, innovative companies and make them attractive to investors.